It’s the Little Things is available!

The anthology is available on blurb as a physical book or here, as a PDF. Have a happy November!

Teetering on the edge of jumpiness and true fear, where shadows that whip at the corner of your eyes shift and change and those strange sounds that can’t be placed make themselves sinister. That thing you saw at the corner of your eye, might be a thing. Those strange sounds? Might be something to worry about. And there might actually be something in the dark. Take a gander at the unfortunate folks in this anthology that discover It’s the Little Things that hurt the most.


It’s the Little Things…


I’m the worst at letting my art leave from my hands. I cling to it and wonder how I might let it go to others, the perfect way it should be seen. And soon all that thinking causes me to put it away to deal with another day. And another day.

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally releasing a book in time for Halloween. I voiced it to other people so that I’d be compelled to uphold my word and it keeps me going.

It may be a total disaster, but if I never try, I won’t have anything to build from and improve on. So here’s to first tries!

It’s the Little Things, a horror anthology to be released this Halloween.