Days of Flash Fiction

Day 1: An impulse by leading to intergalactic warfare

No one could say that Nastos was the sharpest tool, but he was definitely the most earnest. Not Not the nicest, which was unfortunate because it didn’t help with his generally offputting way. When he’d walk down the street, most scattered to other things, leaving anyone not fortunate to be chatted up by Nastos. So it was no surprise that Nastos bought the keylight with no protest, since no one tried to pay any attention to him. And they were silent all the way to the Starfield battle ground to defeat the Muraders.

Part of the Flash Fiction Challenge by Eva Deverell, found here.



Mommy told me never to speak to strangers. Not even a little. But what do I do when they wave at me? Sometimes I wave back. They always look so friendly and I can’t help it. I don’t even think about it. My hand just lifts up and I wave. Mommy hasn’t seen me do it yet but I wonder if she will catch me all the time.

The last person I waved at was…Mr. Red. He was wearing a red shirt like the ones Daddy would wear to work. It has a short sleeve and collar. Mr. Red had his folded over, just like Daddy’s, but his shirt was all wrinkly. Mommy says that wrinkles are bad and shouldn’t be shown in public.

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Beth balled a fist, trying to will the blood back into her fingertips. The polished double wood doors made echoed through the great room with no chatter or extra acoustics to halt it. Beth closed her eyes and made the first hesitant steps. It wasn’t so bad. It was a fright drafty and the power wouldn’t be on for another hour according to the technicians that came around, but it wasn’t so bad. She pulled out a clear glass from the kitchen cabinets and filled the filtered tap water, chugging it down surprisingly quickly. She filled the glass again for the road and made her way to an over-sized chair near the fireplace.

At the corner of her eye, she saw movement on the walls but disregarded the flecks of shadow play, attributing it to the flames. Beth sat back on an embroidered pillow and sipped her water, enjoying the semi shadow puppet show on the wallpapered wall. But sitting back offered her another angle of the shapes, one that she hadn’t noticed before. There was one shadow that wasn’t moving. She figured it was one of the logs, but it wasn’t lined up correctly. In fact, it was too far off to belong to anything in the fireplace. Beth glanced around the room but there wasn’t anything to be silhouetted.

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