aRT tALK: Pleading the Fifth

Pleading the fifth, get it?

9 Songs

The newest issue of aRT tALK magazine has landed, along with a freebie publication, “9 Songs” inside. Let me know if the link malfunctions or something and I’ll get it to you personally!

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The Ears Are Real: Universal Soldier Discussion

UNIVERSAL SOLDIER, what can I say? I don’t regret watching it. I say a discussion because I’m not really reviewing, I’m offering thoughts on the film. So here we go! SPOILER ALERT.

This is a throwback film, made in the 1992 that stars Jean Claude Van Damme. If you don’t know him, you should Google that up, because he was big in the 80s/early 90s action arena, but back on topic. The movie follows his character, Luc, a Vietnam soldier who finds a small village absolutely ransacked and on fire, and his commanding officer in a shack putting the finishing touches on his fabulous ear necklace. Yes, an ear necklace, and all the bodies with a missing ear make a whole lot more sense. I think totally distracted from his jaw structure, but whatever makes him happy, right? The sergeant has gone bonkers (obvi!) and is holding a young woman and boy hostage while he shows off his bling and mutters about how everybody is a traitor. They get into a scuffle over the hostages, with unfortunate results, and they end up killing each other.

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Art Fairs 2.0

As a fervent lover, participant, and supporter of art, I am the first to admit that I have the HARDEST time supporting other artists in public.

Well, at least in the realm or art fairs or events, and with currency. I love supporting my “peers” on a one on one basis, or in general attending shows and events. I’m talking about art and money matters.

And I don’t know about you all, it’s hard to me.

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Art Fairs: a reflection

How to Navigate, Find Food, and Get Invited to After Parties

Two falls ago, I had the pleasure of going to an art fair in Los Angeles at the Geffen. It was a book arts fair which immediately made me think of something that Harry Potter would go to. It also shocked me. I knew of art fairs or conference and such, but I didn’t realize that there was such a grab for bookmaking. Sure, a lot of people make books but there was A LOT OF BOOKS THERE. Hand-made ones. It made the odd train ride worth it. My ride on the Metro, mind you, and golly was it the experience. Union Station was bustling with people coming and going. There was one man in a suit, briefcase in hand, who whizzed by towards the terminals and I wondered where he was rushing to. No joke. I believe I mentioned to a fellow classmate that I wondered where he was going. Anyway, in the same time that my class was standing the middle of the terminal waiting for the other class to gather themselves, he passed by again at the same speed. And again. It was odd.

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