It’s actually sort of painful, the non-start and inability to focus for lack of having the headspace to create.

It’s different than writer’s/creator’s block however.

The way I see it in my work is writer’s block is an indicator that I haven’t fleshed out something or a story aspect is not all the way worked out thus I can’t go forward. Creative motivation goes beyond that, goes beyond normal motivation but is the willingness, capability, to focus on creating and engaging a creative work. Having the motivation to sit down and devote yourself to stretching those imagination muscles or putting an idea from the head into the world and making it real.


It’s a beautiful thing, taking those thoughts out and making something out of it. Not having any motivation when everything in your body wants to make something new. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down in front of glorious white paper and couldn’t get anything out of me. Or worse, my mind was swimming with ideas and exhausted me before I even started. 


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