Letting Ideas Go

It sort of bites.

But sometimes the time comes when you have to do it. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Sometimes it’s a building block of a story, a beginning spark that lends itself to be melded and reworked later. Or perhaps, when life starts catching up, that brilliant idea no longer holds the story that needs to be told.

I keep a listing of all my “sparks” and idea starters so that I can come back to it. Unfortunately, some of them get altered into an entirely new story or must get abandoned. While I am happy that a new story can be born from the ashes of the old, it’s still a grueling process of letting go of the initial idea. Even though the new seems to magically solve the problems I repeated came against. It’s still hard letting it slip away from me into the recesses of my mind.

However, I believe that they always get brought back in another form, in another media, some other time. Just not now.


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