Resistance Territory [QOTW #8]

My resistance right now is that I want to finish something, but I want it to be good. I have a project that I worked on for NaNoWriMo, and I got about 3/4 of the plot down. I know what I want the ending to be, but those pesky 3 or 4 chapters between where I stopped and the ending have been worrying me ever since.

Shortly after completing the challenge, I jumped into light editing and quickly got burnt out with the story and thus my journey into how to finish those gaps and loose ends began. I stepped back and evaluated whether I was bored with the story or if it wasn’t complex enough, but I feel that it is. I want to finish this story and I’m excited about it. So I figured I might just flesh out scenes that were more skeletal due to finishing NaNoWriMo on time, but my mind wanders to that gap that I have yet to work out. And I remain motionless on the manuscript. Turning to another project until I work out the current one has proved to be difficult as well, since I want that one to be “good” as well! And then comes the matter of which side project to choose – should it be the genre to see how it goes or something that I’ve always wanted to try?
And don’t let my mind pick of up inspiration along the way. However, I’ve began making writing log where I record my thoughts for what I want to write for the day and how I do. I decided that I want to work on an unfinished short story for now and the log has helped me to refocus. Here’s to the battle against resistance.

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