Sticking with Yourself and other thoughts

Creativity is focusing on an idea until it’s perfect (or finished).

As an artist, I know this myth to be false. So very false. I cannot create without my mind buzzing on what’s next, what I will change even after the current session I’m on. My mind is never with me – it’s weeks ahead, working out a new idea for a series or project.

Yet when I write, and switch stories for the sake of sanity or giving a break to a draft, I often feel guilty. Guilt may be a strong word, but it’s a feeling of, I should be reworking that draft, not off making a new one. Because how else will I sustain my momentum?

Everyone must choose how they write and what works for them, but for me sometimes there is an unspoken stigma against the story jumper, the perpetual starter. I have several  word documents and pages of notebooks just dedicated to summaries, sparks of stories that I can no longer contain in my head. I used to think of myself as having too many ideas and not enough evidence for them.

But I’ve grown to be patient with myself and my product. I think to when I make art. I don’t silence the sparks, they keep me going. They’re my motivation for finishing. And like my art pieces, my ever present story concepts are promises, and challenges, to myself to get done in this lifetime. They are reminders that I am a storyteller and tied with my imagination. Creativity is remembering to multitask for me and enjoying the ride.


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