Perfection in the face of Failure

Nitpicking layout, making sure all your sentences are written with the most concise language as possible, agonizing over the details.It’s one of the strangest things yet so difficult to curb.

I know that I will spend days on a layout to ensure that it looks the very best, gather inspiration, try out different forms, make sure all the words line up and make sense. It’s not enough that I have journeyed through a project to completion, that not everyone does what I do. It was a labor of love, but I continued because of the sense of accomplishment when everything is said and done.

This time was different. Should I nitpick with something that I know few people read? Is it worth the trouble of that extra hour making sure it looks perfect if it will fall into the deep crevices of the internet where no one will see it? Does it matter if it looks good in the face of failure?  It’s easy enough to think, no, it’s not – as I’m finessing elements of a magazine page to provide enough white space for the text.

I can’t bring myself to let it my work look any different than what I envision for it and what I can call my best. I can’t help worrying if it’s the most legible, if the colors sit beautifully together, if it’s easy to navigate and understand.

No one may read it, but I’ve stuck with it for so long and sometimes only how you feel about it matters.


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