chibias Case Study, Pt. 1

Chibias [c h i b i a s] is a hypothetical beauty care brand that I’ve been working on recently. The brand name is a word that I had stuck in my head for a good part of a week, so I decided to do something with it. In the past, I’ve worked on restaurant branding or personal branding, so beauty was a new and exciting thing to tackle. More inspiration gathering, yay!

So, I knew I wanted to create something luxurious and would again encompass all aspects of branding (the logo, product mock ups, website design). For the sort of mission of the brand, chibias would rely on limited simplistic ingredients and elegant design. Or, elegant in my eyes.

For me, the design for the logo came in three parts: the colors, the icon, and the transition for how to extend it to its sister brands chibias tropical and DIVINE.

  • THE COLORS: I went with the palette of blush (which I’ve been really into this year), a rose gold, and white. I thought these were simple to work with and opulent to fit the brand story I was going for.
  • ICONIC: I saw in a design bundle different drawn polygon shapes and I loved them and wanted to create one for this project. However, I couldn’t quite get into the mode of doing it and none of the shapes worked. I found a set of polygons that were the rose gold color and were truthfully the answer to my prayers. I kept the font clean, choosing it over its cursive counterparts.
  • SISTER COMPANIES: tropical and DIVINE. The chibias tropical company is the “nature” brand, focusing on tropical and berry scents. I’m thinking, berries, melons, and stronger floral scents. DIVINE on the other hand, is a fragrance line. I chose to make it entirArtboard 1ely different because I wanted it to be the most upper scale and the thing that makes me think of that is really great fragrance.

I had my three components down and went to work on the basic logos for each that would allow me the freedom to alter them with the product designs.



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