It’s actually sort of painful, the non-start and inability to focus for lack of having the headspace to create.

It’s different than writer’s/creator’s block however.

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table of contents

This is more for me but I thought I’d share.

ART TALK / this is where articles related to my art satirical magazine will be. I’m working on how I want this to take form in the future.

FICTION WRITING / the place for my personal fiction writings. One for general writing and the other leaning more towards horror writing.

WRITING + BOOKS / all things related to the actual art and action of writing. My writing that is. This also include things about literature in the form of reviews or things I’ve picked up along the way.

MUSINGS + OTHER THOUGHTS / everything else. It’s mostly my grievances about writing but will include my thoughts on my other interests and how they ultimately inform my writing.


Days of Flash Fiction

Day 1: An impulse by leading to intergalactic warfare

No one could say that Nastos was the sharpest tool, but he was definitely the most earnest. Not Not the nicest, which was unfortunate because it didn’t help with his generally offputting way. When he’d walk down the street, most scattered to other things, leaving anyone not fortunate to be chatted up by Nastos. So it was no surprise that Nastos bought the keylight with no protest, since no one tried to pay any attention to him. And they were silent all the way to the Starfield battle ground to defeat the Muraders.

Part of the Flash Fiction Challenge by Eva Deverell, found here.